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Editorial:Bridge to a Cure is a real success story

This year, the 15th annual Bridge to a Cure was held. Poor weather prompted organizers to move the event inside.

But there's nothing the weather can throw at these people that they can't handle.

The big news to come out of this year's cancer fundraising walk is that the Hastings observance of the event has now raised more than $1 million. That's right. Over 15 years, all those little donations have added up to a whole lot.

It's a staggering figure. And it wouldn't be possible without the dedicated organizers and the amazing teams.

Everyone who has been involved in the event over the years deserves an enormous round of applause. The volunteers are too numerous to mention, but they know who they are. Thank you.

Thank you for doing what you could to help raise money to find a cure for cancer. What an honorable cause, and your work is appreciated.

For those who have been affected by the disease and who walk: keep fighting the fight and please know those of us who aren't afflicted will do what we can to keep working toward a cure.

And for those who walk in remembrance of an aunt, a mother, a father, son or other family member, your fundraising efforts have made a difference. Has a cure been found for cancer? No. But without you, those seeking a cure would have $1 million less to work with.