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To the editor: Gaps in parade were bothersome

To the editor,

I recently went to the Rivertown Days parade on Sunday, July 26, and what a joke this was. I have never seen a parade so stretched out and unorganized. A two-hour parade that probably would have been only one hour had all the units been closer together. And the Shriners, they are wonderful to see but after about six different sets of Shriners, we have all seen enough.

As for having it on Fourth Street, that was crazy also. People who live on that street block their lawns off so others cannot sit on that side of the street. So basically, the ones on that side of the street are the homeowners and believe me, they apparently don't believe in the courtesy of letting others use their lawn just to enjoy the parade. Anyway, I think this parade needs more organization and take place on a different street, like Second street.

Pauline Kopp