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Editorial: Please have a safe and happy Fourth of July

On this week's front page, we highlight the wild exploits of a man who made bridge jumping on the Fourth of July a real community event.

That said, we don't want to write about any copycats next week. We're certain that if Don Foster were still jumping from bridges, not even he would be crazy enough to jump from the current Hastings bridge.

We write this in anticipation of a great weekend here in Hastings. Celebrations are planned pretty much all day here on Saturday to celebrate our independence. Sounds like a great time, and we're sure fun will be had by all.

But weekends like these all too often end with tragic news.

On the next page of this newspaper, you'll read a Viewpoint from Fire Marshal John Townsend on the danger of fireworks.

As he put it: "During the 4th of July weekend 2008, there were 64 injuries in the state of Minnesota. Of those, 25 people were between the ages of 10 and 19."

So, be safe, have fun and please don't go jumping from the bridge.