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Editorial: Thanks, Hazel, for all you have done

Sunday afternoon, Hazel Jacobsen-Theel will celebrate her 100th birthday at an open house.

The location?

The LeDuc mansion. How appropriate.

The mansion is publicly owned and open to the public, thanks, in part, to her efforts.

No, she's not the one who donated the building. Nor did she have an official governmental role with the city to secure the historic site.

But behind the scenes, she no doubt pushed for the historic mansion to be opened to the public. And not many are better at pushing than Hazel Jacobsen-Theel.

She has used all manner of pushing over the years. Whether it be bribes with food, polite nudging or more forceful means, she would eventually get her way.

And when she got her way, Hastings won. We don't know how many buildings were saved because of her work. Or how many people took an interest in our city's history because of her. But we know for sure Hastings would be a different place if it weren't for her.

Over the 60 years she has lived here, she has no doubt passed her love for history on to others. We believe that will be her legacy. She got others involved and it will be those people who lead us into the future with an appreciation of our past.

We appreciate everything Hazel has done for our community over the years, and we encourage residents to attend her party.

Happy birthday, Hazel!