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To the editor; Let's focus on helping animals in Minnesota, first

To the editor,

As I write this, I am packing to leave for the No Kill Conference in Washington D.C. this weekend. At the same time, a petition is being circulated asking Minnesota's largest animal welfare organization to reduce their high kill rates. Ironically, at the same time, I have gotten multiple reports that yet another out-of-state transport of animals is headed into Minnesota, this time reportedly, from Oklahoma. The numbers of animals in this transport are reported to be "very large" and headed to the Animal Humane Society, the same organization that is the focus of the above-referenced petition.

Given that we have a poor save rate in our local shelters, and given that transport of animals across the country is expensive and time consuming, isn't it worth asking whether or not we should focus our attention on helping the animals in Minnesota, before we import more from other locals? Can't we do better than this, really?

For more information about the petition referenced above, please visit: http://www.thep -unnecessary-deaths-by-ahs-in-minnesota.

Mike Fry

Executive Director

Animal Ark