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Hastings trap and skeet shooting team, competition week three

The trap team continues to hold third place out of eight teams in Class 9A Conference 2 with 50,563 points, preceded by Lakeville South in first (57,600.5 points) and Northfield in second (54,397.5 points). No trap shooters placed in the state overall top 25 or 100.

The following athletes placed in the conference top 25 by gender: male Ben Route (23.33) and females Allana Kielas (18.67), Caitlyn Wagner (18.67), Nicolle Bond (17.83), Erika McDonald (17.67), Kiera McBeath (17.67) and Jenna Anderson (17.33).

The skeet team also continues to hold their third place standing out of six teams in Class 1A Conference 4 with 1,351 points preceded by Wayzata in first (1,614.5 points) and Lakeville South in second (1,597 points).

Skeet shooter Dylan Chamberlain (22.33) placed in the conference top 10 by gender and state overall top 25 (males, females mixed). No skeet shooters placed in the state overall top 10 by gender.

Congratulations to the following straight shooters for competition week three:

Jake Slattum, Traeton Simon, Jake Shimota, Ryan McNamara, Simon Kimmes and Colton Cassidy for trap. There were no straights for skeet this week.

There are two weeks of competition remaining, taking May 27-28 off and returning for two or possibly three weeks of practice for state shooters only. State registration has been submitted and 96 trap shooters and 27 skeet shooters will represent the Raiders at the 2017 championships in June.