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Kennedy students perform ‘Robin Hood’ with Prairie Fire Children’s Theater

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Students from John. F. Kennedy Elementary School teamed up with Prairie Fire Children’s Theater (PFCT) last weekend to put on a production of “Robin Hood.”

The show was held Saturday, Nov. 19, in front of a full house at the Hastings High School auditorium.

The show, featuring a script and original music by Daniel Nordquist and Deborah Nelson Pick, took a slightly modern comedic take on the traditional tale. The Sheriff of Nottingham attempts to tear down the Sherwood Forest to build a mall while the king is away. Robin Hood and his Merry Band must step up to save their home — with a little help from the faeries.

Kennedy Elementary students shared the stage with Blake Fountain and Lauren Longyear, the two adult directors from PFCT.

PFCT worked with the students just one week prior to the show, and directors commended the students for memorizing the entire play in just five days, something many professional stage actors can’t even do, they told the audience.

PFCT is based in Barrett, Minn., and works to bring the theater experience to communities across the upper Midwest. Local children fill out the cast, while PFCT provides everything needed to produce the show.