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In party races, Hastings leaned Republican, but not by much

Hastings voters, for the most part, didn’t stray too far from the middle when it came to state and federal races in last week’s general election. While Hastings voters did generally lean to the right, it wasn’t by much. Hastings voters chose Republican candidates for president, U.S. Representative and Minnesota Representative, and chose the Democratic-Farmer-Labor candidate for Minnesota Senate.

While Minnesota overall voted for Hillary Clinton, residents in Hastings gave Donald Trump the lead in the U.S. Presidential election, according to data from the Minnesota Secretary of State. The results show Hastings generally giving Trump a 5-15 percent lead over Clinton.

As a county, Dakota County gave Clinton a cool 4.3 percent lead.

For U.S. Representative, Hastings’ again leaned Republican, but with a narrower lead. Most of the city gave Republican Jason Lewis a lead of up to 5 percent, with the southern part of the city leaning more to the right. One precinct, Ward 3, Precinct 1, gave DFLer Angie Craig a narrow lead in the race.

Overall, Minnesota’s 2nd Congressional District also went with Jurgens, giving him a 2.11 percent lead.

For the Minnesota Senate Race, Hastings leaned left, giving up to 5 percent more votes to DLF candidate Don Schoen.

The Minnesota Senate District 54 gave a 6.43 percent lead to Schoen.

For the Minnesota House of Representatives, Hastings voted slightly Republican, with Tony Jurgens earning up to 5 percent more in the downtown region. Jurgens earned more votes in the southwestern precincts.

House District 54B gave the lead to Jurgens by a 10.73 percent margin.