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In support of Adam Estenson

To the editor,

I am writing this in support of Adam Estenson for City Council Ward 2. Adam is my son and I am thrilled that the City of Hastings gets a chance to benefit from this incredible young man. He is a very wise person (whether he be young or old). He has worked with us in our family business for 10 years and our clients truly appreciate his approach to their issues. He listens to their concerns and then helps them find solutions, sometimes with very innovative ideas. He understands the importance of supporting local businesses and helping them grow, if they so desire.

Adam is an incredible husband and father. It so warms my heart to see how he and his wife are raising their girls. He is a man of great character and I am so proud that he has decided to serve the City of Hastings as a City Councilman. As my 5-year-old granddaughter says, “Everyone should vote for my daddy.”  I concur with my granddaughter — everyone who is eligible to vote in Ward 2 should vote for Adam Estenson.