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In support of Adam Estenson

To the editor,

I am voting for Adam, not because he is my brother, but because I believe he will make a difference for Hastings. He has an innate ability to comprehend all sides of a debate. He does not let his own bias stop him from hearing and considering the opposing statements. As a younger voter, I go to him for his knowledge on political candidates. He gives me an unbiased layout of the strengths and weaknesses of all sides. He explains the impact those strengths and weaknesses could have on our community. I trust him with important decisions because I know he has considered all sides and possible outcomes.

He is honest about his intentions. Adam believes in our community. That is why he makes such an effort to get involved. As his baby sister I can attest to his protective nature. He will fight to keep the integrity of Hastings. I am confident he will do what he can to enrich the Hastings community with cultural growth through arts and activities. He strives to make change using innovative solutions that will not compromise the spirit of Hastings.

For these reasons I will be voting for Adam Estenson.