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Holmstadt will work to fix MNSure

To the editor,

Recent news reports are that the private insurance market in Minnesota is near collapse and that health insurance premiums are increasing by 50-67 percent. I’m concerned when I hear people talk about how high their deductibles have become. People are paying more and getting less.

Buying health care should be like buying any other product — there should be numerous choices, not just a few. If the price is too high there should be affordable options. The MNSure (or Affordable Care Act) mandated system has been a huge failure that doesn’t meet individuals’ needs but tries to force everyone into a one-size-fits-all system. People need lower premiums, lower deductibles and more choices. The rate hikes announced by the MN Department of Commerce Commissioner are unacceptable. It highlights the failure of MNSure by the Democrats in the Minnesota Legislature.

Leilani Holmstadt is committed to finding solutions that will allow more choice for people to get coverage. (Just check out her Facebook posts on the subject). Holmstadt understands that health care is for the benefit of Minnesota families and when elected to the State Senate in District 54, will work tirelessly for improvement. I’m supporting Leilani Holmstadt for Senate; you should too.