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In support of Trevor Lund

To the editor,

Trevor Lund grew up in Hastings, graduated from Hastings High School and then became part of our family in 2002. Since then, we’ve seen him graduate from college with a degree in economics and then from graduate school with his masters in business, and we’ve witnessed his success in the professional world. Yet most importantly, as his mother- and father-in-law, we can attest to his character and his selfless intentions in running for Hastings City Council (Ward 4).

After moving to the northwest metro to follow a job opportunity, two years ago he and our daughter both changed jobs and sold their house in order to move back to raise their son at home, here in Hastings. Trevor has long been passionate about Hastings and about public service. Over the years, we often heard him speak about holding public office, not in a manner that it would be his profession, but as a path to use his education and passion to serve his community.

Trevor has consistently demonstrated integrity, good judgment, fairness and a giving spirit. He has a sound moral compass and is often wise beyond his years. He develops his own opinion through thoughtful research and reasoning, but he is a good listener who is open to understanding the experiences and opinions of others as well. He is already an active citizen who seeks out opportunities to be involved, promote the best that Hastings has to offer, and to build on its strengths.

We believe that as a city councilman, Trevor will be more able to embrace and grow our city’s best attributes, and just as critically, that he will be able to effect change where it is needed. Trevor wants to inspire more businesses, attract a larger workforce and promote residency, all while preserving our rich history and culture.

We know that Trevor has the drive to do these things; now he needs your vote! Check out and like his Facebook page: VOTE4TrevorLund.