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Craig refuses to debate Lewis

To the editor,

Angie Craig must be incredibly afraid to debate Jason Lewis. Why else would she back out of the only debate she was scheduled to have with Jason Lewis?

Her campaign is adept at running negative ads about Jason, stealing comments from his radio talk show in an attempt to make him look like the bad guy. I’ve yet to hear one thing from Angie personally or in her campaign ads that state what her goals and objectives are if she is elected to Congress.

I am left to believe she will support all the left-leaning bills promoted by the Democrats in the Congress. We certainly don’t need to have another disaster like the Affordable Care Act, aka, Obamacare.

If Craig is a supporter of Obamacare, it would be nice to know, because as a small business owner, I and small business owners like me cannot afford another financial burden placed on our backs, whatever it might be.

The citizens of this country don’t need a congressperson who thinks global warming is our biggest problem. Or that more taxes are the answer to paying down our $20 trillion debt.

Our congressional district needs a congressperson who will represent our district, state and country with the idea that spending at the federal level is out of control. Jason Lewis has made it clear that when he is elected to Congress, he will tackle the outrageous spending frenzy we see in our federal government.

So, what is the real reason Angie Craig is dodging the one and only debate with Jason Lewis? It wasn’t because she didn’t know about it. She was invited to participate the same time Jason Lewis was invited by the Chamber of Commerce.

From my perspective, she knew that when she stepped on the debate stage with Jason, she would be face to face with her formidable challenger, who is a smart, top notch debater. She would have to talk about the issues, and that her answers would be seen, heard and read by the voters of our district and her answers would no doubt cost her lots of votes.

Jason is still ready to debate Angie Craig, anytime, anywhere. My guess is that she will stay as far away from a debate as she can.