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Wyatt’s to open second location

Business has been pretty good for Wyatt’s Twisted Americana. So good, in fact, that the restaurant is about to open a second location, this one in Eagan.

Owner Blaine Seeliger is working with Chris Palek, general manager of the Hastings restaurant and now Seeliger’s business partner at the Eagan location, to get the new restaurant up and running. He said he’s hopeful the new location will open the first week of April.

Seeliger opened the Hastings Wyatt’s in April of 2012. Since then, the restaurant and bar has done some adjusting, making sure that Hastings customers got just what they were looking for.

“It took a while to find our niche in town,” Seeliger said. “... We appreciate the people of Hastings being patient.”

Their efforts have paid off, earning them regulars even from outside of Hastings as well as growing sales.

“Sales have doubled since we’ve opened,” Seeliger said.

He’s proud of how quickly the business has grown and credits his staff for making it possible.

“It’s our current staff here that’s allowed us to do that,” he said.

That’s also why he’s confident that his business is ready to expand. Some of the staff from Hastings will be either working at the new Eagan location or splitting their time between the two, ensuring the same service that Hastings has come to know and love.

Palek’s 30-plus years of restaurant experience and his leadership has been a huge help as well, he said.

Seeliger chose to branch out to Eagan for its accessibility. The new restaurant will be located at 1965 Cliff Road, which is close to Highway 35E and a number of other major highways. Plus, the area is growing, like Hastings is, Seeliger said.

The second location will operate just like Hastings’ Wyatt’s and will have the same core menu, featuring 50 burgers and 50 beers.

Things at the Hastings location will continue just as they have, although Seeliger mentioned a few new things they’re about to roll out, like extending the Bloody Mary Bar to both Saturday and Sunday, revealing a new menu and plans for a new happy hour.

Some of those changes are expected to coincide with the opening of the Eagan location.