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Video resurfaces of 1985 WCCO promotion at Hastings High School

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Video has resurfaced from a unique WCCO promotion filmed in 1985 at Hastings High School thanks to a Hastings woman and City Pages.

Apparently, WCCO traveled to high schools that had qualified for the state hockey tournament that year and filmed videos as part of the promotion. In Hastings, that meant students lip-synced to Glenn Frey's song "The Heat Is On." 

One of the women in the video found an old VHS tape with the promotion on it and uploaded it to the internet. 

City Pages picked up the story and spoke with the woman, who wished to remain anonymous. She did confirm, though, that she appears in the video.

Here's a portion of the City Pages story about the video:

The fashion and music stylings of that era might look a little cringeworthy in hindsight, but our video archivist says they were utterly confident at the time.

"We thought we were so cool," (the tipster) says. "Everything was on point there, for that time. The hair, the clothes. That's the way you were supposed to look."

And now? She's heard from a ton of classmates from that era since posting her video online. They're loving it. Some had forgotten it even happened, or tried to, our source tells us.

But now they're all having a good laugh and reliving the glory days, when the Hastings Raiders were riding high into the state tournament, Glenn Frey was not just still alive, but cool as hell, and the only thing cooler than wearing sunglasses was removing them in a cool way.

"This was, obviously, huge for us at the time," she says. "I remember the night the game was on, they preempted Dallas for our game." 

Here is a link to the full City Pages article: