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Letter: County is fortunate to have such amazing parks

To the editor,

A very special compliments and gratitude to Hastings Star Gazette for their recent striking article and colorful photos of Spring Lake Park’s rolling hills with wild flower patches of golden yellow daisies and various blossoms bedecked in yellow’s complimentary color, purple. Adding to this picturesque scene of restored wild flowers is the return of golden Monarch butterfly — ballerinas. This setting is a reality that outshines a Van Gough painting.

How fortunate for Hastings and all Minnesota, that Dakota County has a park system which had the foresight to procure Shaar’s Bluff. And then to continue with the county’s expertise and determination in restoring and preserving this natural treasure that overlooks a panoramic view of the iconic Mississippi River corridor. Gazing across this vastness, one views blue and white billowy clouds, blue and white capped waters, and almost solid green plush foliage covered islands and hillsides, with only a minimum of human structures interrupting the scene.

“We must protect forests for those who can’t speak for themselves, such as birds, animals, and trees.” Quatisinas Nuxalk, Nation.

Thank you to the Hastings Star Gazette and the Dakota County Parks administration.