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City Council: Retirements, HPC awards and a seal coat project

The Hastings City Council will hold its next meeting at 7 p.m. Monday, May 19, in City Hall. Here’s a look at what’s on the agenda.

The council will recognize two Hastings police officers for their time on the police force. Officer Mark Kreun will be retiring, and Sergeant Craig Puch has submitted his resignation.

The Heritage Preservation Commission will present its awards.

The council is being asked to make some minor changes to a part of the city code regarding the International Property Maintenance Code. The changes add clarification and improve efficiency of property maintenance code enforcement.

The last item has to do with the 2014 seal coat program. City staff is recommending awarding a contract in the amount of $230,255.12 to Allied Blacktop Company, the low bidder. The seal coat program includes seal coating, crack sealing and cul-de-sac sealing. Work will be done in various parts of the city.

To view the complete agenda, including more information on each item, click here.