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City Council: Tobacco regulation, grants and a new ambulance box

The Hastings City Council will hold its next meeting at 7 p.m. Monday, Jan. 6. Here’s a look at what’s on the agenda.

A change is being proposed to the city’s tobacco regulations in order to prohibit all smoking of tobacco within any establishment holding a retail tobacco license. Minnesota law currently allows customers in a tobacco shop to light tobacco in order to sample tobacco products. The proposed amendment does not prohibit the sampling or use of electronic cigarettes. The public will be invited to comment on this item.

The council will allow public comment on the city’s intent to apply for three EPA Brownfields Grants totaling $600,000 for costs related to environmental cleanup of the former Hudson Manufacturing building in downtown Hastings. The notification and public hearing are parts of the application requirement for the grant.

Staff is requesting council authorization to enter an agreement with 94 Services to refurbish and remount one ambulance box onto a new 2014 Ford E-450 chassis. If approved, the cost of the project would be $109,035. The 2014 budget includes $115,000 for this project.

The council is also being asked to authorize the submittal of the 2014 Community Development Block Grant application to Dakota County. The grant award is estimated at about $62,700 and would be used to provide assessment abatement for the public improvement project between 11th and 15th streets west of Vermillion.

To view the complete agenda, including more details on each item, click here.