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City Council: CVS, new developments and a new police chief

The Hastings City Council has a busy meeting scheduled for Monday, Oct. 7. The meeting begins at 7 p.m. at City Hall. Here’s a look at what’s on the agenda.


The big decision for the night is going to be about CVS pharmacy. Velmeir Companies is bringing a handful of requests to the council. There’s a rezoning of part of the property from medium-high density residential to commercial, allowing the entire block to be zoned for commercial use. The company is also seeking approval on a final plat and its site plan.

More development progress is being made on the west side of Hastings in the Wallin 15th addition along Fallbrooke Drive. A final plat has been submitted for approval. The plat separates the land into 15 new single family lots.

Another final plat has been submitted for the area of 35th Street and Lester Avenue. The owner wants to create a lot that would allow a new duplex to be built.

The council will also vote on whether or not to allow a variance to the 150-foot setback requirement for structures along the Mississippi River. The request would allow the Hastings Rotary Club to plan construction of a public pavilion in Levee Park north of the parking lots.


The city will consider three contracts Monday evening. The first has to do with one of the fire department’s ambulances. Staff asked to seek bids for a project that would refurbish and remount an ambulance box onto a new 2014 Ford E-450 chassis. Staff is recommending awarding a contract for the project to 94 Services Inc., which submitted the only bid, setting the price at $99,786. The city included $100,000 in the 2013 budget for the project.

Early this year, the city started looking at ways to update its website to make it more mobile friendly, more intuitive and more user friendly, as well as making it a better tool for marketing Hastings’ economic development. After receiving three proposals from website design companies, staff is suggesting hiring Vision Internet to create a new website. The cost of the project was quoted at $21,975 with a $5,990 annual maintenance fee. Both costs are accounted for in the 2013 and 2014 budgets.

The final contract has to do with a piece of farmland the city owns in the Industrial Park. Each year, the land is leased to the highest bidder. In the past two years, the property has generated $35,67 for the city, as well as some tax revenue.

Police chief

Hastings’ new police chief will be appointed Monday. After an extensive hiring process, Bryan Schafer has been offered a conditional job offer. The council vote will make the appointment official.

Schafer is one of 39 applicants for the position. He is expected to start work here Monday, Nov. 4.

To view the complete agenda, including more information on each item, click here.