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City Council: Assessments and utility fees

The Hastings City Council will hold its next meeting at 7 p.m. Monday, April 15, at Hastings City Hall. Here's a look at what's on the agenda.

Two presentations will be made, one on the Youth Green Team Recycling program and one providing information on Junior Achievement.

The public will be invited to speak about the proposed assessments for the 2013 street improvement project. Only the portion of the project dealing with East 10th Street and Progress Drive will be assessed. On those streets, various levels of reconditioning and reconstruction will be done, including new pavement surfaces, curb and gutter installation, roadway narrowing and utility infrastructure work. Based on estimated costs, staff is proposing an assessment rate of $38.66 per frontage foot. At that rate, most of the affected single-family properties would be assessed between $1,000 and $1,500. Between public and private assessments, the city would collect about $272,000 to help pay for the project, about $171,600 of which would come from private property. The total project cost was estimated to be about $2.3 million.

At the last council meeting, the council approved a street width modification that results in an increase of about $15,000 to the total project cost. To cover the additional costs, the council could either add the extra back into the assessment calculation, which would increase assessments to $39.54 per frontage foot, or use the city's state aid funds to absorb the increase.

Residents will also be invited to comment on a proposed increase to utility connection fees and a clarification of water shut-off and turn-on fees. Staff is proposing a 2.4 percent increase in utility connection fees, which is equal to last year's increase in the construction cost index. Also proposed is clarifying fees by listing both turn-off and turn-on fees, as well as variations for seasonal and after hours charges.

To view the complete agenda, including more information on each item, click here.