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City Council: Taxes, council salaries and next year's police priorities

The Hastings City Council will hold its next meeting at 7 p.m. Monday, Nov. 5. Here's a look at what's on the agenda.

The city's annual truth in taxation hearing will be held during this meeting. The hearing gives the public a chance to review and comment on the city's 2012 budget before the council gives its final approval. The city is proposing a $25.9 million budget, a 1.57 percent increase over the 2011 budget. The proposal includes increasing the total city levy by 4.28 percent to $11.7 million. The hearing will also include information on city staffing levels, changes to the state's market value homestead credit and proposed commercial taxes. The council is scheduled to adopt the final budget at its last meeting of the year, Dec. 17.

The public will also be able to comment on a one-year pay cut proposed for city council members and the mayor. Councilmembers asked staff and their administrative committee to look into lowering their salaries in order to share in the reductions being endured across the city. The proposal is to reduce councilmembers' and the mayor's salaries by 2 percent for one year.

After conducting its second annual community perceptions survey, the Hastings Police Department will present its 2012 policing priorities to the council along with a summary of the survey results.

To view a complete agenda, including more information on each item, click here.