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City Council: Pollution plan, ordinance amendments and a community survey

There will be plenty to talk about at the next Hastings City Council meeting, scheduled for 7 p.m. Monday, June 6. Seven items will be opened to public comment, from private property matters to city ordinance amendments. Here are a few of the items up for discussion.

Among the public hearings is the city's Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan. The plan is a requirement attached to the city's permit to discharge storm water into receiving water bodies. The five-year permit began in 2007. The plan includes public education and outreach, public involvement, the detection and elimination of illicit discharge, construction site storm water runoff control, post construction storm water management in new development and redevelopment and pollution prevention and housekeeping for municipal operations.

Another public hearing has to do with language in the City Code regarding the possession of firearms on city property. State law supersedes local governments, and state law not only allows the possession of firearms with a permit, but also prevents local governments from prohibiting firearms on government property. The council will vote on an amendment that brings city code, which currently prohibits firearms on city property, to agreement with state law.

Substantial re-wording of the city's noise ordinance is also up for discussion and approval by the council.

The council will also review a list of questions to be included on a community feedback survey that is being prepared for the Parks and Recreation Department. The survey is expected to be conducted by phone after the final questions are approved by both the city council and Parks and Recreation Commission. The final content will go to the PRC June 14.

To view the entire agenda, including details on each item, click here.