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City Council: Amendments, Hudson and recognizing a long-time firefighter

The Hastings City Council will hold its regular meeting at 7 p.m. Monday, Nov. 1, in the council chambers at City Hall. Here's a look at what's on the agenda:

The council will recognize Chuck Paulson for his work in the Hastings Fire Department. Paulsen's last shift as a full-time firefighter was Oct. 23. He served the department since 1979.

There will be two public hearings, both on city ordinance amendments. One hearing is in regards to the abolishment of the Police Civil Service Commission and creation of the new Public Safety Advisory Commission. The new commission will address issues in both the police and fire departments.

The second public hearing has to do with fee adjustments. Proposed changes include:

• Late payment penalties - Currently, late payments are subject to a $30 minimum charge or 10 percent of the bill. The change removes the $30 minimum to avoid charging a late fee that could be greater than the original bill.

• Accident and police reports - The city charges a flat $.25 per page. If changed, reports would continue to cost $.25 per page if picked up at the police department, otherwise an additional $1 would be charged.

• Clearance letter - There would be a $5 fee.

• Dog pick-up fees - The basic dog impound fee would increase from $30 to $50, storage would increase from $10 per day to $20 per day and the kennel cough vaccine fee would increase from $23 to $30. Changes are presented as a more accurate reflection on costs incurred by the city.

• Dangerous dog fee - This fee would increase from $75 to $500, which is the maximum allowed by the state. Both the city attorney and the police department recommended the change in order to capture staff costs in a dangerous dog process.

• PBTs (preliminary breath tests) would cost $5 to cover the time it takes staff to conduct the test.

• Photos from police reports would cost $5 per CD, rather than the current $.25 per photo.

As part of the Hudson property purchase agreement, the city agreed to waive certain development fees related to Hudson's move to the former Intek Plastics building. Fees include building permit fees, plan surcharges, sewer connection fees, site plan approval and review fees, plan review fees, water connection fees and engineering review fees. The total value to be waived is about $65,000. At Monday's meeting, the council will be asked to authorize the signature of the agreement.

For a complete agenda, including more details on each item, click here.