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City Council: Awards, variances and next year's budget

The Hastings City Council will lead off its next meeting, to be held at 7 p.m. Monday, Dec. 20, with an award presentation. The awards will be given to city employees for the years of work they have given.

5 years

Jay Armstrong (fire); Joy Blair (fire); Kristin Behrens (parks & recreation); Amy Carlson (fire); Dave Chalmers (pw--engineering); Christina Gipson (police); John Johnson (pw--maintenance); Amy O'Brien (fire); Kevin Okeson (building maintenance); Shannon Rausch (admin--community relations); Brandon Schloegel (pw--maintenance); Dawn West (building & code enforcement); and Matt Yokiel (pw--engineering).

10 years

Tom Bakken (building & code enforcement); Brock Bukkila (police); Tim Connell (police); Floyd Gentilini (fire); Jeremy Jacobson (police); Natalie Judge (public works); Mary Lohmann (police); Brenda McGrath (police); Terry Meier (pw--maintenance); Lilly Murr (police); Craig Nowlan (police); Melanie Rossing (fire); Char Stark (finance); John Stevens (parks & recreation); John Townsend (fire); Chris Weid (police); and Justin Wolfe (pw--engineering).

15 years

Mike Christianson (fire); Jim Gelhar (fire); Wayne Hicks (police); and Mike Munson (police).

20 years

Steve Bloomstrand (fire); James Huberty (fire); Andrew Knoll (fire); Brent Lohmann (fire); Bruce Lohmann (fire); Tom Murray (fire); Pete Tix (fire); and Rod Risch (police).

25 years

Carol Latham (administration); Mike Schutt (fire); Al Storlie (fire); Jane Toenjes (building & code enforcement); and Gary Wytaske (pw--maintenance).

35 years

Ray Knoll (fire) and Paul Seleski (fire).

The council will also hold a public hearing and second reading regarding an amendment that would eliminate the need for variances for most non-conforming structures. The amendment would decrease city fees by about $750 per year. Owners of the properties would avoid a $250 variance application fee and four to six weeks of Planning Commission and City Council review.

The 2011 city budget and tax levy is set for approval. The total tax levy is being set at $11,264,000. The general levy is $8,104,000 and the debt levy is $3,160,000. The city tax levy is being reduced by $317,000 from 2010.

The total budget is being set at $25,538,706, which includes a $527,429 HRA budget and is an increase by $434,057. The HRA levy is to be granted with a limit of .0185 percent of taxable market value, according to Minnesota Statute.