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Hastings Middle School team competes in regional event

Members of the sixth-grade Math Masters team in the front row, from left, are Amy Duer, Rhys Fillion, Taylor McCoy, Kira Lindstrom, Nick Mann, Marty Lau and Dominik Seebeck. In the back are Molly Gathje, Owen Bakker, Katelynn Krey, Ben Clemens and William Meyer. Submitted photo

The Hastings Middle School sixth-grade Math Masters teams competed in a regional Math Masters event March 9 in Prior Lake. There were 105 students (21 teams) from around the Twin Cities competing. The competition included a fact drill round, individual rounds and team rounds.

Placing third and receiving medals was the Blue Team (members – Ben Clemens, Amy Duer, Rhys Fillion, Molly Gathje, Dominik Seebeck and alternate Nick Mann).

Placing fourth and receiving ribbons was the Gold Team (members – Owen Bakker, Katelynn Krey, Marty Lau, Kira Lindstrom, William Meyer and alternate Taylor McCoy).

Receiving a medal for the individual rounds was Ben Clemens for placing third out of 105 students and receiving ribbons were Owen Bakker (sixth place), Rhys Fillion (eighth place), Dominik Seebeck (11th place) and Molly Gathje (14th place).

Rhys Fillion received a medal for placing first in the fast fact round. Receiving ribbons were Dominik Seebeck (12th place) and William Meyer (14th place).

The teams were coached by Ellie Lundstrom and Linda Bindman.