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SEAS principal, pastor ‘let the music roll,’ so to speak

Seton School Principal Jill Moes and church pastor, the Rev. James Perkl fulfill their promise to students – for meeting, then exceeding, the marathon goal – by performing a dance routine last week. (Star Gazette photo by Jane Lightbourn)

The pastor and the principal sang to the music and the students loved it. At the end of the performance, they too, got to be part of it.

Last week, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton School Principal Dr. Jill Moes and parish pastor, the Rev. James Perkl, lip-synched to music for a good 10 minutes. They also did some pretty good dance moves to the beat.

The session was the fulfillment of a promise made to the students last fall. If they met their goal of $42,000 for last fall’s annual marathon, then Moes would comply and do something out of the ordinary.

The students more than met their goal. They exceeded it by about $4,000, and the marathon committee considered Moes and Perkl singing for the students as their reward.

Not so fast, Moes and Perkl said. Both admit they are not the best singers. But they said they could act out the part while listening to the music.

As the music played, the performers did their part, some of it quite athletic. Students cheered, laughed and applauded.

They became part of the performance when the music continued – they jumped, moved with the music, turned round several times, clapped their hands and, at the end, cheered.

“Isn’t this fun?” asked Moes.

There was no disagreement.