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Planning begins for annual reading promotion

Let your hair grow. Then plan to get it cut in February.

The members of the Hastings Reads 2013-2014 Hastings Reads committee have begun planning and one of the activities includes hair donation. One of the chosen book selections is “The Fault in Our Stars.” Hazel, the protagonist has cancer.

“Because Hazel has cancer, we are hosting an event called Hair For Hazel,’ said committee member Kari Yaeger. “Community members will be asked to show up and donate their pony tails.”

The “Hair for Hazel” event will be held at 6 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 13, at the Hastings Area YMCA. Shailene Woodley, the actress who will play Hazel in the film version of “The Fault in Our Stars,” recently donated her hair to Children With Hair Loss, and Hastings Reads committee would like the Hastings community members to do the same.

The nonprofit organization creates quality prosthetics for children with hair loss. If the longest hair in the ponytail is eight inches, you can donate the pony tail. Colored and permed hair is acceptable; bleached hair is not.

Local hairdressers will be at the YMCA to package the donated hair and to style newly-shortened hair! If your hair will not be eight inches by Feb. 13, you can stop by to give a financial donation.

The goal of Hastings Reads is to encourage reading at all levels.

The program, sponsored by the United Way of Hastings, the Hastings Public Schools Foundation, the Ruth and George Doffing Charitable Gift Fund, the Hastings Branch of the AAUW, the Pleasant Hill Library, and Friends of the Library, encourages reading and discussion of books by all ages. That discussion then can help more people understand their lives and the experiences of themselves and others.