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Three school board members' terms are up this year

There are no city or county elections impacting Hastings residents this year, but there will be a school election this November.

Hastings Independent School District 200 School Board will elect three members. The terms of Dan Cater, Angie McGinnis and Teresa Moes end at the end of the year and will be on the ballot. The terms of Dan Greil, Lisa Hedin, Kyle Latch and Vince O'Brien end in 2015.

The period for filing affidavits of candidacy for the School Board will begin July 30, and end at 5 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 14. There is a filing fee of $2. Affidavits of candidacy will be available in the School District's offices, 1000 W. 11th St.

A candidate for this office must be an eligible voter, must be 21 years of age or more on assuming office, must have been a resident of the school district from which the candidate seeks election for 30 days before the general election and must have no other affidavit on file for any other office at the state primary or general election.

Hastings Independent School District 200 School Board meetings are generally held twice a month - one work session, the other a regular meeting. Members are paid $4,050 a year, with the chair being paid an additional $500 per year. Members can participate in the district's medical and dental insurance program at their own expense. They are can also participate in the district life insurance plan ($50,000) with the district paying the premium.

The general election will be held Tuesday, Nov. 5. At that election, three members will be elected to the School Board for terms of four years each.