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HMS students raise $10,300 for Hastings Family Service

Ellie Lundstrom, School Resource Officer Kyle Linscheid, Amy Mares and Matt Bruns perform as part of a flash mob to the song "Gangnam Style" during the tug of war on Friday afternoon at Hastings Middle School. Star Gazette photo by Chad Richardson

One of the highlights of the school year at Hastings Middle School is the tug of war, a unique fundraiser that benefits Hastings Family Service.

This year's tug of war was the biggest yet, and it ended with an exclamation point.

For starters, students at HMS raised more than $10,300 during the fundraiser, and the funds were presented to HFS executive director Chris Koop during the event.

Classrooms raise money for the right to compete in the tug of war. The classrooms that raise the most money get to square off in front of the school body. The classroom that wins the student competition then gets to compete against a group of teachers. This year, the eighth-grade math students of Kim Wald competed against the teachers and beat them, sending the group of defeated educators into a wading pool.

The teachers also performed as part of a flash mob.