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SEAS students show how 'God Counts'

There are 34 first-graders and 34 seventh-graders at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton School.

That probably was the first inclination this prayer service,"God Counts," was going to be unique and special.

"The SEAS seventh graders do a prayer service each year, but this is the first time we've partnered up with the first graders," said religion teacher Kathy Gleich. "We got the idea to invite them to participate with us because each class had 34 students in it and it would be easy to pair up kids.

"The numbers idea came from that and the big kids researched numbers and the Bible, chose a number and then the little ones helped them color a poster of that number. We picked songs that had numbers in them and Bible readings that had numbers in them and then wove all that into a prayer service for the whole school."

Kathy Gleich, with the help of the first grade teachers, coordinated the service, which was presented to the entire school.

"All God's ways are perfect," said Gleich. "Can there also be perfection in God's use of numbers?

Together the students planned the service about numbers and chose 34 numbers to show how God's ways are perfect.

She indicated that the fourth book of the Bible is called "Numbers." Numbers begins at Mount Sinai right after the Israelites received the Ten Commandments. The people are numbered as they prepared to march into the Promised Land.