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Seton students receive High Honors

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Middle School students have received High Honors for the second trimester.

Eighth-grade students honored are Noah Brenny, Jack Calkins, Laura Church, Ryan Klein, Mitchell O'Brien and Charles Wenker.

Seventh-graders are Jacob Greengo, Maria Kummer, Josh Lewanski, Angelina Masciopinto and Griffin Myers.

Sixth-graders are Kelsey Baker, Logan Boogren, Brooke Cartwright, Nicholas Endres, Eric Howd, Anna Klysen, Noah Kullman, Joey McNamara, Ana Spinler, Ben Streeter and Isaac Westman.

High Honors is published each trimester to recognize students in grades six through eight for academic achievement. High Honors is for students earning an A or A- in all their classes. All subjects except band (including shared time classes) are included.