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Hastings girls each sold more than 2,000 boxes of cookies last year

Jaydin Peterson, left, and Natalie Sorenson stand in the cookie booth that helps them sell thousands of cookies. Star Gazette photo by Katrina Styx

At the age of 11, Jaydin Peterson and Natalie Sorenson have proved they have some good business sense. The girls, part of Girl Scout Troop 53594, have figured out how to sell large amounts of Girl Scout cookies.

Last year, Sorenson and Peterson each sold more than 2,000 boxes during the cookie sale, well over the average 200 to 300 boxes. Peterson was the top seller in the Hastings/Prescott area. One of the big factors in their success was a cookie booth built by Peterson and her father. Peterson said she figured that a booth would be an easier way to sell more cookies than going door to door. They set the booth up in their yard at the intersection of 10th and Tyler streets, loaded it with cookies and got to work.

The girls are back at it this year. Peterson sells her cookies primarily out of the booth and already has sold more than 1,100 boxes since sales opened Feb. 2.

Sorenson is up to about 435. Her strategy is to go door to door as well as helping out with the booth. She also takes cookies to her brother's hockey games, she said, and sells them to the crowd.

The booth's location makes it especially popular.

"It's a busy street," Sorenson said of East 10th Street.

The street has brought all sorts of cookie lovers to the Peterson booth. Traffic to and from Treasure Island Resort and Casino stops to buy the boxes. Semis have stopped as they pass by as well. Last year, on the last day of cookie sales, a tour bus driving by stopped when Peterson's father made an impromptu sign reading "Bus Stop." The people on the bus helped Sorenson meet her goal for the year and bought out the rest of the girls' stock - about 100 boxes.

Girl Scout cookie sales are used to fund troop events and projects so that the girls don't have to pay dues or any out-of-pocket expenses. Troop 53594 has been able to go on camping and bowling trips as well as adopt a family for the holiday season, bring baskets to a senior home and make blankets for Animal Ark. Cookie sales fund 100 percent of the troops expenses.

Sorenson and Peterson will be selling cookies in the community and at the booth until the middle of March. They try to be out in the booth every day during the week from about 5 p.m. till dark, and from 11 a.m. till dark on weekends.