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Marathon goal reached - SEAS principal moves to the playground

Seton School Principal Jill Moes was in charge of the playground, too, as she temporarily moved her office outside last week. (Star Gazette photo by Jane Lightbourn)

When St. Elizabeth Ann Seton School students reported to the principal's office last Wednesday (Nov. 28), they were told to wear their coats.

The thermostat was working fine in Principal Jill Moes' regular office, but she was not there. She had temporarily moved her office out to the playground.

Spending part of the cool day outside was part of a promise made earlier this year by Moes.

"We raised and met our goal of $42,000 for the marathon," said Moes. "We actually raised $43,000.

"I told the students that if we met our goal, I would move my office to the rooftop. But due to insurance factors, I couldn't do that."

The playground was a very good alternative. The "office" was moved at about 11:30 a.m. and stayed outside until about 1 p.m. There was a desk, chairs, bookcase, a flag and a few accessories.

"It was great and the kids were great," Moes said the following morning. "I had a nice time playing with the kids. Several times, we pretended to have the kids sit in the detention chair."

Although the temperatures were in the mid-30s, it was not a factor.

"I wasn't cold," said Moes. "I really enjoyed it."

And the students had the opportunity to interact with their principal in a different way.