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Hastings High School students fare well on state tests

Hastings High School students are doing well, according to Hastings High School Principal Mike Johnson. The students have shown improvement over last year's scores in the standardized tests and they are ahead of the state average scores.

"We are very proud of the academic achievement and improvement from the last school year," he said.

The Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment (MCA) tests also have components that students must pass to graduate, known as Graduation Requirement Assessment for Diploma (GRAD). Hastings students continue to improve each year with more students passing these tests and scores that are above the state average, Johnson said.

For instance for freshmen GRAD writing, 95.4 percent passed. The state average is 91.9 percent.

For sophomores, MCA/ GRAD reading, Hastings students had 88.6 percent passing for MCA and 83.1 percent passing the GRAD component. The state average is 78.8 percent.

For the sophomore MCA science, 62.6 percent of Hastings passed. The state average is 51.7 percent.

For juniors, MCA/GRAD math, 70.8 percent passed the MCA component and 56.4 percent passed the GRAD component. The state average is 44.6 percent.

Johnson also noted that the Hastings High School average ACT score rose to 22.7, which is the highest average in 15 years.

During the 2011-2012 school year, 321 students took advanced placement (AP) exams in eight AP courses. A total of 447 students enrolled in eight College in the Schools courses.

The high school again this year will be asking more of the students and staff to work toward improving academic achievement.

"We have worked very hard to decrease the failure rate to an historic low of 3.4 percent, and we will continue to push all students to high grades, higher standardized test scores and specific planning for education beyond high school," said Johnson.