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PITS ends its summer program with kids' favorite activities

Playground In The Summer held its final play sessions this week at various parks in Hastings as well as Vermillion and Denmark Township.

PITS is a free program offered by Hastings Community Education that provides activities for children to participate in at local parks. Children came and went all summer long with anywhere from four to 16 kids participating each day.

"I really like all the games we get to play," said Sydney Fox. "If I didn't come to PITS I would have to go to a sitter's house. But now my mom drops me off in the morning and I get to come to PITS and play outside with a lot of different people."

Thursday, Aug. 11, was the last PITS to be held at Wallin Park in Hastings. Every week had a theme associated with it. The theme for the last week of PITS was kid's choice. Participants spent the day making friendship bracelets and playing their favorite games, such as dodgeball.