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High school develops new honor roll

Hastings High School now has a new honor roll.

The Academic Effort and Attitude Honor Roll was rolled out for spring 2010 and honored 84 students.

The Gold honor roll celebrates students whose grade-point-averages improved by at least one full letter grade from the fall of 2009 to spring 2010. Sixteen students made this honor roll.

The Blue honor roll recognizes students whose GPA improved from one-half to one full letter grade over the same time period.

"We have been studying more and more research indicating that recognizing student improvement with grades is just as important and recognizing high levels of student achievement," Hastings High School principal Mike Johnson said. "For some students, this new honor roll has been met with great excitement as they believe they are being recognized for their efforts and positive attitude towards school."

Johnson introduced the honor roll to staff members with a letter. In part, the letter read:

" ... We wanted to reinforce the hard work and great attitudes of some of our students that turned it around, 'got it' or finally were able to put issues affecting their learning behind them," Johnson wrote. "Effort and attitude can be measured in many ways. In this case we want to put the list of students who greatly improved their grades next the students who get A's and B's. In some cases, students will be on both honor rolls."