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ISD 200 bond projects have been initiated

After voters in Hastings Independent School District 200 last fall approved the $19 million for projects on school district buildings, a time of two years was implemented.

Now, some of the projects are underway on the building, According to Superintendent Tim Collins.

The planning committee for the addition of classrooms at the Hastings Middle School is expected to be brought to the School Board for its consideration and final approval before the end of summer. The addition and program design for grades 5 to 8 middle school will be in placed for the start of the 2011-2012 school year.

Since early June, the middle school has been retrofitting many of the water pipes in the building. This project will provide safe drinking water for the students, staff and community. The project should be completed by mid-August.

For years, the school building has had higher concentrations of lead in the water, requiring the water in the fountains to be turned on several hours before the start of the schools day to ensure safe water levels, and this project was one of the priority projects listed by the community facility committee.

Phase 1 of the roof projects will be completed this summer. This includes Pinecrest Elementary School and about 65 percent of the middle school roof. The remainder of the roof projects will be completed next summer.

Window projects at Pinecrest and John F. Kennedy Elementary schools will be completed this summer as well.

Several projects are planned at McAuliffe Elementary School during the summer of 2011.

The district is appreciative of the support of the community for its educational programs and buildings, said Collins.

"The timing of being recognized as the number one school district in the state of Minnesota for a low-interest loan was crucial to the ability to move forward with the reinvestment in our buildings," he said. "However, it would not have happened without the support of tax-paying citizens."