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Subway program benefits local schools

Eat a Subway sandwich and earn some extra money for your school.

That is the focus of the Subway School Rewards program. All Hastings public schools, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton School, Pine Harbor Academy and St. John the Baptist School in Vermillion are registered in the program.

In the program, customers buy a Subway card, pick a school to contribute to, and then register the card online. Each time a card is used , Subway will make a contribution (2 percent of each purchase) to the selected school. Cards are available in amounts ranging between $5 and $100 at Subway locations.

All three Hastings Subway locations - 2212 Vermillion St., 1757 Marketplace Blvd., and in the Hastings Walmart - are participating in this program, said owner Steve Zeyen.

As a way to encourage participation and assist people with their card registration, staff at the Subway at 1757 Marketplace Blvd (located west of Cub Foods), will be available from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. Monday, Dec. 7 to assist customers with card purchases and card registration, including designation of their selected schools.

"We are trying to tie in eating at Subway and helping schools at the same time," Zeyen said. '"The cards are good at all Subway locations, not just here in Hastings. There is an ongoing need for our schools."

The cards are also re-loadable - which can be completed at all Subway locations and online on the home computer. If the card is lost, the holder can access their information on the computer and be issued a new card.

Anyone who buys a card before Dec. 13 with a value of $20 or more at a Subway will receive a free six-inch Subway sandwich at the time of the card purchase.

"This is an easy program to participate in," Zeyen said. "Now we are going to help customers to do it."

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