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Teresa Moes

Q: What is your educational and occupational background?

A: Age: 47

Family: Married to Paul J. Moes

Children are Jake, age 20; Katie, age 18; and Erin, age 12

Occupation: Hastings Area YMCA - Member Experience Advisor

Education: University of Wisconsin-Stout

Q: Why are you running for School Board? ( Is there a specific issue that brought you into the race?)

A: I am running for a School Board position because of my strong belief in the educational success for all children. I am a proud graduate of a school of excellence, 1980 graduating class of Hastings High School. I am committed to having a quality school system guaranteeing every student an opportunity for educational growth and community development. The role of a School Board member is being part of a team committed to working for our community, children and District 200, and to always listen and be available to parents, teachers and taxpayers.

Q: What makes you uniquely qualified to join the board?

A: I have been extremely active in the community and have been fortunate enough to share many hours volunteering for wonderful causes; however, none of these numerous valuable experiences have prepared me more than the last four years that I have experienced as a School Board member. The last four years, the learning curve has been steep. There are numerous hours spent on learning the business of a functioning school, staff, curriculum, board and budget. I'm still learning. We expect our students to learn at high levels and our teachers to learn in staff development. We need to engage in our own learning as board members, too. I will continue to learn and be effective in my role.

Q: The School Board has asked voters twice, unsuccessfully, to allow them to borrow money to repairs on the district buildings. Where do you stand on this issue-a loan for repairs - for roofs, windows and the first phase of mechanical upgrades in some of the schools (questions 1 and 2 on the referendum)?

A: I agree with the "Community Task Force" in recommending for a bond passage to accomplish the high priority projects that burden our district's facilities. Some of the items mentioned by the task force - roofing, windows, heating and ventilation and asbestos removal - have direct consequences on our safety and education. These needs will only grow. We have an unprecedented opportunity to obtain these funds at zero or very low interest.

I want to take this opportunity to the personally thank the dedicated members of the task force in balancing the needs of the community and districts expectations.

Q: What are your thoughts about question 3, the addition to the middle school to accommodate fifth grade, and a renovation of McAuliffe and JFK to accommodate kindergarten classes? The question also includes the modification of Tilden to potentially consolidate programs now in leased facilities into a modified Tilden facility.

A: The realignment of our district's current program structure is not financially viable long-term. The current practice of renting retail space locks up dollars that could be used for other infrastructure needs. Some of the cost savings we will recognize by restructuring will be no leasing of space, staff consolidation and sharing of technology and support, just to name a few.