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Bond issue probable in the fall

There will probably be another vote on a bond issue this fall. How much is yet to be decided. But the recommendation of the citizen task force was up to $31.5 million, possibly in a multiple question, with voters voting on four sections of the bond.

For the past four months, a 23-member Facilities Task Force, appointed by the District 200 School Board, has been reviewing information regarding current student enrollment, projected enrollment, current school building capacity, the adequacy of current facilities and deferred maintenance items in the district.

Their conclusion, "to address all outstanding deferred maintenance and bring facilities up to adequate standards, these issues would need to be brought to the voters, as annual funding will not address the long list of needs," was part of a 54-page document of recommendations they brought to the School Board meeting May 20.

The bond issue would be for what the task force called "reinvestment." Roofs, windows/entrances and tuckpointing would be one part of the bond issue and would be about $6.5 million. A second section would be for a bus turn-around at McAuliffe Elementary, work on the mechanical system at McAuliffe, removal of hazardous materials at Hastings Middle School, and work on one part of the mechanical system at the middle school, all totaling about $7.5 million. A third section of the multi-question bond issue would be about no longer using Tilden as an kindergarten center. Just as residents expressed during the last bond issue, members of the task force had mixed views of how to accomplish that, causing the price to range from $1 million to $10 million, depending on how the kindergarten program would continue. A fourth section of the bond issue would be about additional work on the mechanical system at the middle school and work on the middle school pool and would total about $7.5 million.

The total of the bond issue the task force is recommending to the School Board would be between $22,532,750 and $31,577,750, depending on how the reorganization for the kindergarten classes is structured.

The task force's recommendations and the PowerPoint presentation given at the board meeting are on the district website at www.hast