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False imprisonment, assault charged

Hastings Police have charged Jeffrey Lee Grinnell, 35, Hastings, with two counts of felony assault – strangulation, intentionally inflict or attempt to inflict bodily harm, and one count of false imprisonment (intentional restraint), following a June 10 incident in Hastings.

According to the complaint, police were called on the report of a domestic assault. When they arrived at the residence, they were met by a female who said she had been assaulted by Grinnell. They had gotten into an argument and Grinnell said she could not leave. He grabbed her throat with one hand and squeezed until she was not able to breathe. He then pushed her backwards towards a closet. She tripped and fell backwards into the closet. Grinnell released her throat and then punched her in the left temple. He moved backwards and sat on a bed. He refused to let her leave for more than an hour.

When the victim talked to an officer the following day, he observed bruising and an abrasion on the victim’s face and throat.

Grinnell was arrested and taken to the Dakota County Jail. He admitted to arguing with the victim and grabbing her by the throat and that he also punched her.