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One arrested after sexual assault at Vets Park

On Wednesday, June 4, at approx. 9:12 p.m. Hastings Police responded to a local residence on a report of a criminal sexual conduct incident that occurred earlier on Enterprise Boulevard near Vets Park and east of the city’s water tower.

The victim said that she was stationary on her bike, talking on her phone, when she was approached by a man who was jogging. The man began a conversation with her, asking if she was interested in joining an exercise group. He then took up a position in front of her, straddling the front tire. He continued to pressure her and she resisted his offers. The man walked away briefly and began writing his phone number on the ground with a rock. When the victim started to leave, the man re-approached her and rubbed his groin against her left leg. The victim then biked away from the male, and when she did, he slapped her on the left buttocks.

At approximately 7:30 p.m. on June 5, Hastings police conducted an undercover detail using one of its female officers. The officer dressed in athletic clothing and rode her bike through the same area where the incident occurred the previous night. Around 7:40 p.m., the officer noticed the defendant jogging toward her. The officer noted some distinctive physical features that matched that of the previous report. The man stopped her and asked if she was the same woman he had met the night before. The man then asked her when they were going to “hook up.” At that point he identified himself as Hoshiar A. Sadiq and gave the officer his phone number, which matched the digits he wrote on the pavement the night before. At that time, backup officers arrived and took Sadiq into custody.

Late last week, the Dakota County Attorney’s Office filed a criminal complaint against Sadiq, who is 33 and lives in Hastings, for one count of criminal sexual conduct in the fifth degree (gross misdemeanor) and one count of assault in the fifth degree (gross misdemeanor).

Hastings chief of police Bryan Schafer is asking that anyone who may have had same or similar contacts with Sadiq to contact the Hastings Police Department at 480-2300.