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M&H robbery suspect sentenced to five years

The 27-year-old Hastings man who robbed the M & H convenience store on May 22 has been sentenced to 58 months in prison. On Monday, Aug. 12, Judge Joseph Carter sentenced Joseph Robert Olson to serve his time at the Minnesota Correctional Facility at St. Cloud.

Olson was given credit for time served — 83 days, was ordered to pay fees and fines of $155 and pay restitution as determined by the Department of Corrections.

The robbery was reported shortly after 5 a.m. May 22. When Hastings Police arrived, they spoke with store employees. One reported she had just started counting her till when a man came into the store with a knife and demanded money. After he had the money, he and theft left the scene on a childrens’ bicycle.

Police obtained the gas station’s video surveillance and saw a man matching the description given by the employees. He was holding a knife in his right hand and was yelling at the employees. Police were given tips about who the man was and were able to identify him as Olson. They located him at his residence. His girlfriend was also present when he was located.

Olson denied involvement in the robbery. The girlfriend reported that the prior night Olson was apparently talking about robbing the gas station He drank some liquor and was in and out of the house, she said. When she got up in the morning, Olson showed her a bag of money. Olson made several purchases later that morning.