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Theft of two shirts leads to more serious charge

The apparent shoplifting of two shirts at the Kohl’s store in Woodbury led a more serious charge against Martin James Collins, 23, Hastings. The Washington County Sheriff’s office has charged Collins with one count of drug possession - fifth degree, not small amount of marijuana, and one count of theft for incidents which occurred April 21.

According the complaint law enforcement officials were called to Kohl’s and met with loss prevention personnel . They told the officers that they observed an individual, later identified as Collins, conceal two shirts on his person and leave the store without paying for them. They followed him outside and asked him to come back inside. Then they called the police. When police arrived, they performed a search of Collins. In a back pocket, they found a black bag containing two syringes and a spoon. The spoon has white residue on it. It tested positive for heroin.

Collins agreed to speak with officers and admitted to stealing the shirts. He further said the syringes and spoon belonged to him.