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Hastings police investigating apparent stabbing

Hastings police are investigating an apparent stabbing along a trail in the city.

A 52-year-old man reported he was walking on a trail along the Vermillion River near 31st Street just after midnight on Thursday, June 27, when two men approached him from behind.

The men told the man "You can't steal from us."

The victim was stabbed three times. He then walked back to the hotel he was staying at. He went to bed and after waking up the following morning he decided to go to the hospital. Once he arrived at the emergency room, officers were called by the hospital.

The victim was not able to give police a description of the two men.

Hastings Chief of Police Paul Schnell said that no other incidents of this nature have been reported.

"There is nothing to suggest that there is any public danger," Schnell said.

The alleged stabbing remains under investigation.