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Police report preview - June 8 to June 14

Here is a preview of this week's police report. The entire report can be seen on Page 4A of this week's print edition.

Saturday, June 8

A party was broken up in the 1600 block of Tyler Street at 12:16 a.m.

Three people were ultimately cited for underage consumption

Sunday, June 9

An order for protection was violated and the offending person was arrested. The arrest took place at about 3 p.m.

The man was seen running away from police with a chihuahua near the intersection of highways 61 and 10. He locked himself in an office until officers rammed a door to get at the man. He dove out a window, crashed through the glass, landed on the ground and was tazed. The chihuahua was recovered.

Arrested on felony warrants, fleeing police, damage to property and violating an OFP was 23-year-old Kevon Richard Kelleher of Hastings.

Tuesday, June 11

Eggs were thrown on an apartment and a car in the 300 block of Frederick Circle. Two empty cartons of eggs were found in the front lawn.

Officers reviewed surveillance footage from a grocery store and identified the person who bought the eggs. Officers spoke with the woman, who said she was mad at her neighbor. She confessed to buying the eggs and doing the damage. She was arrested for damage to property.

Wednesday, June 12

Officers got word a vehicle had just been stolen in the area of Third and Maple streets.

Officers responded to the area.

It turns out that the driver had just returned from a nearby casino, where he had picked up a friend. He was supposed to be giving her a ride to Forest Lake. He had gone inside to get some gas money.

When he came back out, the car was gone.

The person in the car decided she’d just drive to Forest Lake, as it was taking him too long to come out of the house.

She was stopped and taken into custody. The car was recovered.

She was arrested for driving after suspension.