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Police report preview: 'Scruffy white guy' wearing purple gloves, a BAC of .339 and smashed potatoes

• A suspicious person was reported at the the Pleasant Hill Library in Hastings on Monday, Feb. 6. The man was described as a "scruffy white guy" wearing purple rubber gloves. No other information was available.

• At 4:35 p.m. Feb. 7, Hastings police were called to a hotel in the 1500 block of Vermillion Street. There was concern the person was not capable of caring for herself. Officers responded and the woman had a blood alcohol concentration of .339. She was taken to the detox facility in Ramsey County.

• Vandalism was reported at the Alternative Learning Center. It was learned that someone had thrown potatoes at the windows of the facility. The potatoes were mashed, but the windows were not shattered. The ALC is located along 200 Ramsey Street.