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Meat thief flees from police in Hastings, is eventually arrested in bathroom at Walmart

A 19-year-old man was arrested in a Hastings bathroom Monday, Feb. 13, after stealing $67 worth of meat from a grocery store, racing across a highway on foot and fleeing an officer.

The man had gone into Cub Foods at approximately 2:30 a.m. He selected some porterhouse steaks, a package of hot dogs, applewood smoked bacon, shrimp cocktail, salmon filets, three packs of bratwursts, one pepperoni stick and a bottle of raspberry flavored Simply Lemonade. The merchandise totaled $67.23.

As the man left the store without paying, employees at Cub called police, reporting the suspect was headed across Highway 55 in the direction of Walmart. A state patrol officer happened to be in the area and saw the man. The officer engaged in a pursuit on foot, and the suspect ran inside Walmart.

He was eventually found in the bathroom at Walmart, where he was arrested for theft and for fleeing an officer on foot.