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Ring is taken; theft is charged

Hastings Police have charged Ashley Anne Boyer, 24, no permanent address, with one count of felony theft, after a diamond solitaire ring was reported missing from a Hastings residence. Boyer had reportedly cleaned the house prior to the reported theft.

According to the criminal complaint, a Hastings woman reported Aug. 29 that Boyer cleaned her house. After she left, the woman noticed the ring was missing from a tray in the bathroom. The woman contacted the cleaning company, which in turn talked to Boyer. She denied taking the ring. The woman then called police.

Pawn records were searched and they indicated that on Aug. 29, Boyer pawned a diamond ring at a pawn shop in St. Paul. Records also showed that two days later she redeemed the ring.

In a statement to police, Boyer admitted taking the ring and then pawning it. She denied redeeming it. Efforts to locate the ring are ongoing. It is valued at about $17,000.