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Hastings man charged after disturbance in Prescott, River Falls

A 28-year-old Hastings man arrested in Prescott for allegedly choking a woman and fighting with police was later charged with attempted battery of three nurses at River Falls Area Hospital last week Monday night.

In a criminal complaint filed by the Pierce County district attorney, Randy S. LaCoursiere faces multiple felonies for outbursts that began in Prescott and continued in River Falls before ending with his falling asleep on the way to jail after being given an antipsychotic drug.

According to the complaint, LaCoursiere, with a blood alcohol content of .295, allegedly damaged furniture in a woman's home in Prescott; grabbed her by the throat; kicked her chihuahua dog "so hard it flew across the floor in the kitchen;" kicked a Prescott patrol officer and split blood at the officer; kicked at the squad car back door until it bowed out; and also bashed his head on a road in Prescott and then banged his head against the cage bars of a Prescott squad car.

Finally restrained and after briefly calming down, LaCoursiere was brought to RFAH. A River Falls patrol officer, however, was soon asked to assist for a "combative subject."

In the complaint, the River Falls officer's description of what occurred in the hospital Emergency Room is highlighted by the following:

--The difficulty - even with a hospital security guard, Prescott and River Falls patrol officers, St. Croix and Pierce county sheriff's deputies, a respiratory therapist and three nurses -- of trying to contain LaCoursiere, who allegedly kept thrashing, punching and trying to break free as medical procedures were administered.

--LaCoursiere refused to provide a urine sample. He was offered a choice of giving a sample or having a catheter inserted. He again refused. When the catheter was inserted, he allegedly spit saliva at the face of one nurse and began shouting profanities at each nurse and threatening to kill them, saying they were "lucky I can't get off the bed."

--At one point LaCoursiere reached up and tore an IV from his arm and ripped the cord from the IV dispenser. He was also banging his head against the back of the gurney.

--He allegedly kicked out and kicked one nurse in the hip and thigh area. Another nurse said he grabbed and punched both her forearms and also kicked her in the stomach. She had scratches and red marks.

--While restrained on the bed by an officer, LaCoursiere thrust his hips up and, looking down at his penis, directed a lewd remark toward the officer.

After being released from RFAH, LaCoursiere was put in leg and hand restraints and transferred by ambulance to county jail in Ellsworth. He was asleep but woke at the jail before being escorted to a cell.

Besides the battery felonies in River Falls, LaCoursiere was also charged with four felonies for his alleged actions in Prescott.

These include strangulation and suffocation; battery of a peace officer; discharging bodily fluids at public safety workers; and battery to an emergency rescue worker. For the latter, he allegedly punched an Ellsworth paramedic in the groin while he was being tended to in the ambulance ride from Prescott to RFAH.

LaCoursiere was also charged with one count of obstruction, a misdemeanor.

Because LaCoursiere was convicted of a felony domestic assault in Minnesota in January 2009, he faces the prospect of longer prison sentences if convicted of the new Wisconsin felony charges.

LaCoursiere was to appear at a preliminary hearing at 4 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 5, in Pierce County Circuit Court.